Rainy Summer Days
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"Sunny summer days are the best. Don't you love them?"

Rainy Summer Days

A friend once, on a golden summer afternoon, smiled at me.

the pearls​ in her mouth glistened like an accessory for her smile.

her tired summer eyes gazed at me, and she said

"Sunny summer days are the best. Don't you love them?"

I thought for a moment,

and realized that I​ used to.

A golden summer day was a gift as a child.

golden summer days are the best memories.

However, as I​ have grown, I've​ come to like a much different day.

days, that most of the golden people would hate.

​I absolutely adore those humid, rainy summer days.

Those days that the air around you is thick and warm,

and the sky above looks alive as it moves and changes hue.

The trees and grass, as they grow wet with puddles,

give off an aroma and energy that no other season or circumstance can replicate.

I can be at home, to myself, and listen to the rain on my roof.

soft thunder can lull me to sleep.

Those days,

where I​ am warm,

with the comfort of myself,

with no obligation,

no guilt,

just the summer air and myself,

Those are my best days.

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