I’ve Always Dreamed Of Running Away
I’ve Always Dreamed Of Running Away human condition stories

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I’ve Always Dreamed Of Running Away

There has always been someone in my head

Speaking to me

Telling me to go

I’ve always acknowledged

But never listened to the voice

It beckons me to another world

Begging me

Like it’s been waiting for me for years

And it's getting desperate

It's demanding I up and leave the world I know

And I can’t ignore it

This voice is of a sweet temptress with trembling lips and the idea of her is so intoxicating

I am considering giving into her adultery

And abandoning everything I​ know for her

She makes me long for places

I’ll never know

She makes me desire

The isolation of the wilderness

She makes me crave

Cities that don’t know my name

She begs me for this impossible adventureI​i am far too terrified to take

Yet i still consider her

I still want to take her hand

But I can’t reside all my faith in her

Will she make my life better?

Or is she loneliness that wishes to seduce me into isolation?

If i follow her...

Am i doomed?

Or will i be freed?

Please, tell me how to be happy.

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