If Humans Had Wings
If Humans Had Wings comedy stories

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What would happen if humans had wings?

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If Humans Had Wings

If humans had wings they'd be able to fly

they'd no longer look up with longing and be able to touch the sky.

If humans had wings they would be quick to become overexcited

what possibilities can now be reached with such a childlike dream reignited?

If humans had wings they would travel by air

several of the world's roads would be left dry and bare.

If humans had wings the sky would be their home

the clouds would house winged people so many, they'd never feel alone.

If humans had wings they would all be on cloud nine

because they'd probably give the clouds numbers as a way to keep order in line.

And you know, if humans had wings, they'd probably have to pay to use them.

because god forbid a human travel without paying for miles or usage.

And If humans had wings, since we are on the topic of gods,

perhaps the idea of angels for once wouldn't be so very odd.

Because if humans had wings for some reason,​ they'd feel invincible

and consider themselves equal to god, when they are closer to Icarus (who was nothing but an imbecile.)

But still, if humans had wings they'd be a thing of beauty

and so they would probably get fetishized, you know what, No, not probably, Absolutely.

If humans had wings they would also pollute the sky

and just get another step closer to kissing mother earth goodbye.

Humans don't have wings

and this is a good thing

because let's be honest

Humans have a knack for ruining everything.

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