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Who's to say I'm escaping reality?


Who's to say I'm escaping reality?

When I scale the highest trees at dawn and go up so high I am engulfed by the endless skies of my fantasies I am not escaping reality,

I am embracing it with open arms,

I am sprinting towards it with lightning throbbing through my veins,

as quickly as I run away from your world,

and the way of life you so want for me,

But when I sit in the neverending concrete ocean with my head always looking towards the sun,

my breathy voice intertwines with the cold night air just as perfectly as the textiles you want me to knit.

Everyone wants to escape, I think,

No one is ever satisfied

100% of the time,

and at some point in your life you were so overcome with wanderlust you could hardly think,

or perhaps it is as constant for you as it is for me,

filling every other heartbeat.

Some people can accept normalcy far more easily then others

and although that is nice for some it is NOT FOR ME

I can't spend my days itching to escape

with thoughts endlessly flitting around in my brain as I stare R I G H T T H R O U G H

the other people on the screen.

I need to be swallowed up by nature, and tuck myself into the worlds that I fabricate.

I want to stay up all night with the girl you disapprove of, and empty our hearts to each other until the sky blushes with pink and honey and roses.

I want my whole life to be poetry.

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