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beauty in the world

magical world

The moon is a glowing eye gazing down at us all

there is something so breathtaking about the night

the world is a million kinds of breathtaking

and humans are so broken

by extension, the world is broken

brokenly beautiful

why do humans feel the urge to put the world into little sections,

forcing nature in a cage

nature should grow wild and free

happiness and sadness can collide, mixing into something strange and new

something wondrous

this earth holds us all,

how do we deserve it?

how do we deserve it? how can we ruin it?

he have to hold on to the magic around us so it doesn't escape

If you are reading this, you are more than a hypothetical, you are living and breathing

we all exist here somehow

most of all, we are just spectors watching the world's great show

the world is anything but a flat character

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