You Seem Familiar... (C9)
You Seem Familiar... (C9) thrill stories

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Many things can happen in under ten minutes.

You Seem Familiar... (C9)

“You seem familiar.”

“Yah, so do you. Where do I know you from?”

Tires squealed, sirens wailed, and smoke rose. The cruiser roared to life as Leon pressed the acceleration as far as it would go.

Soon, Leon was speeding through the town, weaving cars, running lights, and possibly breaking every road law that ever existed.

“—been sighted ne—officers on way.” Glaring in the rearview mirror, Leon snarled at the radio cutting out every few seconds.

The mirror’s reflection glared right back at him, blue eyes burning with electric rage.

Practically ripping the radio out of its place, Leon hissed out “Anyone got a fucking idea ho-“

Sharply swerving to the right, Leon flipped off the Semi blaring its horn it him as it passed, screaming at it as if screaming could make the truck cower.

To its credit, Leon was driving down the wrong lane.

“Uh, ya still there, Sir?

” taking a deep breath, counting to ten, and wondering why the Almighty God on earth created such dumb-asses, calmed down Leon enough to answer back without crushing the radio.

“Still here.”

“Uh, Sir? Ya not technically an officer so when this is over we—”

“DON’T CARE!” Slamming the radio back on its holder, Leon muttered to himself, eyes darting to every building he passed. He had to be there by now, right?

“—nother sighting--- Brimbly’s Diner---”

“WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT?” Once again, he ripped the radio out of its place. “Ano—another sighting? What do you mean ‘another sighting’?”

“Not another, confirmed Sir, on route to Brimbly’s Din-“

“AND WHERE IS THAT?” there was a pause on the other end of the line. No doubt doing what Leon did moments before, take a deep breath and count to ten.

“Less that a quarter of a mile away in the Town Square...Sir." A sharp left turn, nearly crashing into two cars later Leon was making good time. He was almost there.

With a deep sigh Leon relaxed a bit, by now the police closed most of the roads, granting Leon unlimited access to them, and no chance of escape, exactly what Leon wanted.

He glanced at his watch.

Three minutes? Its only been three minutes? Had so little time passed? To Leon it has felt like hours passed by, that each second was being wasted trying to get there.

He did not need to do this if he had been there like he should have.

But no, little prissy Leon decided to sleep in for a bit, stay in the shower slightly longer than necessary, relax with some wine, and marvel at how blond his hair had become from the sun.

No, he had to be a good little one and pamper himself to stay "healthy" and "have a positive outlook on life".

Now in reality none of the things he did was really wrong, this was just his anger talking.

Besides, how was he suppose to know that a serial killer, orange overalls and all,

would walk straight out of the local institution and not have a single fucking person realize this until the first body turned up barely two hours later?

No one in in the staff body would be able to recover from this fuck up. This will be a large, ugly scar on the institution's proud history of being "impossible to escape".

Well this, this is the like the fucking Titanic, and it just sank.

"Do not engage, we repeat. Do not engage. Suspect is in the middle of the diner, undercover is requested."

"It actually works." pressing the radio to his mouth, Leon slowed as the square reached his sight. He killed the lights and sirens too.

"Why have undercover go in if there are cop cars everywhere?"

"All officers parked around the building out of sight. We don't want to trigger girl ."

"She's smart, by sitting in the center of the place we can't go in guns blazing, but we can't just walk in either without causing some sort of panic."

Pulling into an nearby alleyway, Leon rolled down his window to greet the approaching officers. "Hey, uh, sorry for behaving the way I did over the radio.

Got some co-workers over there in the place. Just got a bit emotional." He slightly cringed at his southern accent coming out, as it did whenever his emotions were high.

The officer's harsh faces softened a bit, one even held a bit of sympathy on his face. "It's alright boy, happens to the best of us.

Not sure if it's a blessing or a curse that you're not in there with them."

Leon flashed a weak smile before getting to business. "So, who's gonna go in. She's a local so, she knows all of the police men by name. She's met me..."

"Lucky us, the FBI caught wind of what's going on and sent their closest agents over. We're sending them in."

"Well, they need to hurry up because she's looking pretty cozy with the kids." An officer, Leon believed his name was James, stated.


Officer James jutted his head to the display window of the diner. "You can see her through that window , been talking the two kid's ears off since we found her.

She's done nothing yet but we don't know if she's armed or not."

Sure enough, Leon could see the back of a pair of heads before the woman. Heads occasionally bobbing while talking, by their clothing they seemed to be young, mid twenties or early at least.

Now that Leon thought about it...the clothes were slightly familiar, and so were the hair styles.

Leon's blood went cold.

What were they still doing there? Leon half-lied about his co-workers being at the diner. He only said that to be back of the officer's good side again. It was not co-workers in that diner.

It was friends, close friends. Friends who did go to that diner earlier that morning, friends who were suppose to be long gone and waiting for him back at the hotel.

"Get back here!" All sense of logic left Leon once everything clicked together. This became personal on a whole new level. A threat was with his group, his pack in a sense.

Neither of them knew it, but he did, and Leon will rip her fucking heart out.

Before he could be anywhere near the diner, something violently yanked him back into an alleyway he passed.

With a snarl, Leon spun around to find a woman wearing a bullet proof vest standing there. Eyes wide, hands up the woman looked slightly thrown off at Leon's current state.

"Leon, my name is Special Agent Greene, I'm with the FBI. I understand that you have personal connections to some people in the diner?"

"She's talking to them. " he fumed. "She's fucking talking to them."

"Leon." With hands still up, Greene approached Leon as if he was a rabid animal. Which was not far off the mark. "You need to think logically for a moment.

If you walk in there the way you are now, there is no promise that things will end nicely."

Leon snorted, he did not want to think logically.

He wanted to use his brain, his brain wanted to listen to his heart, his heart wanted to listen to anger, and anger wanted to kill the fucking bitch.

Clenching his jaw so hard that Greene thought his teeth might break, Leon finally nodded his head.

Greene let out a breath, and walked past him. Not before slipping on a sweater over her vest. "Once we have her you'll be the first one in."

Two minutes, two agonizing minutes Leon waited. The whole time watching the figures behind the window. Greene walked in the diner, took a table beside the killer's.

Once Greene got coffee, she turned to the table and talked to the Woman. Probably commenting of the dress that the Killer stole from her last victim.

Greene found a way in, now she's playing as part, matching the victimology perfectly. Fashionista lesbian trapped in small town for whatever reason, desperate for a love and career life.

On occasion the Killer would switch it up killing a gay man, posing as someone who helped set up blind dates. No matter what, the killing of a homosexual stuck.

Leon had to look away before the temptation to rip her throat out became to great.

"SHE'S WALKING OUT!" those three cursed words summoned the whole force. Like bees, officers swarmed the area, practically tackling the woman to the ground.

Leon ran with them, he almost out ran the whole swarm. Only slowing down when two confused faces met his panicked stricken face.

"Nikki! Charlie!" engulfing both into a hug, then letting Charlie go. She was not much of a hugger.

"Leon, what's going on?" Charlie's brows furrowed as Leon released Nikki but still kept an arm around his shoulders.

Reaching for Charlie's hand, Leon looked both friends up and down, as if amazed that both were still alive.

Leon ruffled Nikki's auburn hair causing a look passed between him and Charlie. Leon was clearly coming down from an adrenaline high and doing things he would not normally do.

As Charlie brushed her blonde hair out of the way, walking a bit a way from the boys, she took everything in.

Cops everywhere, passerby's watching everything go down, and Matilda Innay was being handcuffed, dragged onto her feet.

She gained a bloodied nose from the tackle, blood dripped onto her floral dress, her mousy brown hair fell out of its bun, hanging in her gaunt face.

Brown eyes met blue, recognition passed through both woman.

"Jail" they both said. That's how they met, it was in jail. A laugh drew their attention away from each other and to the men behind them.

Nikki was laughing at something that Leon said, who stumbled slightly, reaching out to grab Nikki's forearms. A stupid, but relived smile on his face.

Poor man was still recovering, reality hasn't exactly reached him yet.

A disgusted scoff came from beside her. "You too?"

Looking over at Matilda, absolute disgust and hatred carved her face into some grotesque gargoyle. Her brown eyes tried to burn the boys alive, more specifically Leon.

With a smirk and a mocking wink Matilda's way, Charlie walked back Leon, who flashed a large grin.

"Guys, I- I, " pointing a finger at both Charlie and Nikki. Charlie held up her hand.

"We get it Leon, we love you too." A smile was shared, so was a group hug.

Both Charlie and Nikki linked arms with Leon as they walked back to the diner. "C'mon Leon, lets get you some good ol' diner food. Our treat."

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