Keep Your Friends Close...(C7)
Keep Your Friends Close...(C7) life stories

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School days lead to meeting new and interesting people. Unless you think you have met them before, then it suspicious.

Keep Your Friends Close...(C7)

Spring had hit the small town only days before. After a seemingly endless attack of freezing winds, snow storms, and no-school days.

It was a relief that people can enjoy the outdoors without freezing their nose off.

Now in this small town lived a group of friends coming from all different classes of society. From rich to poor.

Popular to unpopular this band of teenagers were bored of the town as any teen would living in a small town. They had the impression that nothing will change their lives. Until he came along.

A lone teenager stood in the middle of a crowed of students getting to their classes.

Looking around in confusion the boy glanced back at a sheet of paper in his shaking hands before walking to a sign with arrows pointing in the direction of classrooms.

After comparing the letters and numbers on the sheet to the sign he growled in frustration.

Why can't schools make finding classrooms for a new student simple to understand?

Facing the now emptier hallway with kids here and there his blue eyes scanned the area for any nearby teachers to help him.

Once one was in his sights he started stiffly walking to the teacher only to have his precious paper with all his classroom numbers yanked out of his hands rather violently.

"You have Mr. Victory for third period? I know where he is. He's 2D14 upstairs.

C'mon follow me!" Head snapping in the direction of the voice the boy saw a girl no older than seventeen looking at his paper. Blond, wavy hair just past her chest.

She hummed a tune as light blue eyes skimmed over his class schedule.

Olive skinned, she wore a hoodie black and dark grey striped that hugged her body showing that she had slight curves and was healthily skinny.

Shorts that touched her thighs with frayed ends, a few tears and drops of paint colored them. Her navy-blue Timberland's clomped lightly against the floor as she took off.

"Hey! I'm not waiting while you turn to stone! I'm going to Mr.

Victory's class with or without you! Hurry up!" before he knew it the girl was halfway up the main stairs stopping to gesture at him to hurry up then proceeded climbing up the stairs.

He scrambled after her skipping a few steps.

''Can I have my paper back?" the girl shoved it back into his hands. He followed her down a maze of hallways to a plain wood door. A single slim window showed a classroom of bored teens.

One fast asleep, another staring blankly at the teacher.

While others threw paper balls at students or tossing pieces of eraser to their friends on the other side of the class room laughing that the teacher hasn't noticed yet.

He reached for the knob but a slim hand stopped him. Glancing at the girl in confusion. She simply smiled putting a finger to her lips. Opening the door just a crack.

She took a few steps back before rushing forward kicking the door, forcing it to slam against the wall. The loud bang snapped everyone out of their daze.

"Hello!” She shouted, dramatically bowing to the man standing before the class. There was a moment of silence. A small chuckle…then another…and another.

Soon the whole class erupted with laughter. Claps filled the air as Charlie leaned back in her desk soaking in all the attention.

"What’s so funny about Charlie once again kicking down the door?" Mr. Victory asked as the blonde passed him, busying herself with putting her hair in a bun.

The laughter soon died down by the time Charlie took her seat.

A few kids grinned goofily, others tried to suppress their giggles, while some of the “mature” ones merely rolled their eyes at their classmates.

Just then, he noticed the boy standing awkwardly in the corner of the room.

"Your name. What is it?" asked Mr. Victory. In seconds, all attention was on the boy.

"Aiden. It's Aiden Greyson." Came the slightly accented voice. As all the girls swooned, but Charlie stared at him in suspiciously.

Now that she has taken a good look at him…didn’t it look like that same boy from Chine. Could it? No. It couldn't be, right? How was this possible? Then again, she could be making a mistake.

When she met the boy, she didn't really pay attention to him plus it was night when they met. She couldn't see or hear him very well. At least that is what she told herself.

"Where are you from?" Piped up a brave girl. This brave girl being Lucy. By her pink sweatshirt, dark purple zebra printed skirt, and maroon colored converse with bright rainbow socks.

It was hard not to miss the girl with little to zero fashion sense.

A few sniggered. Whispering to each other making the tan skinned girl cower back into her seat. She shouldn’t have brought attention to herself.

Aiden turned fully to Lucy making full eye contact with her. “Germany, I’m from Germany.”

"I'm Chelsea." Chocolate brown hair gleamed in the light as a face with too much make up and painted on eyebrows girl offered her hand to shake but he looked at it like it carried some disease.

"No, thanks." Chelsea’s jaw comically dropped at his rejection, earning everyone in the class mocking her. Charlie’s eyebrow raised in a questioning manner.

This “Aiden” was perhaps the very first boy who has turned down the girl before she could even blink. Either her reputation spread outside of the school, or he is way too good at reading people.

Either way, this was something Charlie did not like.

"Mr. Greyson! May you please take a seat next to Charlie. Ms. Sinclair, leave him alone. Chelsea, you may go." Aiden took his place next to Charlie.

The auburn-haired girl hid behind her hair, and Chelsea took her leave.

"Chelsea's dad pays the school to let her leave early." Whispered Charlie in his ear. Why did he need to know that?

"Then why did he tell that girl to leave me alone?"

"Lucy? No one likes her, not even the staff. I don't know why. She's really a totally awesome kid. Just really self-conscious."

"Why?" He asked.

"To put it blunt, look at her. Her style is a mess, plus her weight could be better. The fact that she's so shy makes her the perfect target." Mr. Victory droned on about the history of Rome.

Looking at Lucy, he caught her eye for a few seconds before she abruptly found something on the desk fascinating. He quickly turned his gaze back to the teacher wondering when this day will end.

The class passed by faster than Aiden thought it would. Bell ringing, everyone rushed out to freedom, Aiden trailed behind. Charlie popped up from behind him, looking over his shoulder.

Lucy walked by her side, clutching her text books close to her chest.

"Let me see your schedule for tomorrow. I can guide you to your next classes.” The paper changed to her hands.

“Charlie! Don’t snatch things out of others hands! It’s rude!” scolded Lucy.

“It’s only rude if it’s not handed it to you. He handed to me.”

“No, he didn’t.”

“Yes, he did.”

“No, I didn’t.” Charlie stuck her tongue out at Aiden, who rolled his eyes at her childishness, Lucy giggled between them.

“Who didn’t what to who?” Nikki popped from nowhere to the arguing group. A passing group of boys knocked Nikki into Aiden.

Nikki huffed in irritation fixing his now crooked glasses and sweeping his auburn hair back.

“Nothing, Nikki. Hey Lucy, can you take him to his next class? I need to quiz Nikki here about the upcoming project.”

“Sure.” Lightly taking Aiden by the sleeve, Lucy pulled him away down the crowded halls leaving the duo behind.

Aiden glanced back at Charlie as many times as possible, as if he did not want Nikki or Charlie disappear from his sight.

Second they were gone, the two friends ducked under a nearby set of stairs in attempt to escape the chatter of passing students.

“There’s no way he’s high school. He looks to be in his twenty’s at least. That or he ages oddly.” Nikki started right off the bat.

“Agreed, doesn’t he look like the kid from Japan? Stian? I don’t like this kid.”

“What’s got you so tense? Leaving again? Think he’s another chaser that your family paid?

“Yes, and I have no idea how they know. I never tell them what’s up.” Nikki frowned, his eyes holding many emotions that Charlie knew all too well.

“Don’t worry, I’ll call you when I can and keep my blog updated. It will be like I’m never gone. “

“But you will be gone, you will be gone the whole time.”

The bell rang out, cutting their conversation short. With a sigh, Nikki readjusted his bag making sure there were no teachers waiting for the opportunity to mark them late for class.

A few students rushed to class, others took their time. Hoping no teacher will notice them and they can skip whatever subject they despised

“We’re late.” With that he took off, not even waiting for Charlie to follow him. She trailed not far behind him, a silence fell over them yet both knew what the other was thinking.

As thoughts rushed though the two friend’s minds there was one unspoken thing they agreed on. Friends until the end.

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