My Creator.
My Creator. asylum stories

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How am I the monster?
You were my Jailer.

My Creator.

My creator,

You have made me.

Gave life to me.

Never leaving my side.

Never saying goodbye.

My only wish was for yours to come true.

You wished her and you were through.

I decided to play.

Thanks to me she went away.

My Creator,

May you be my master?

Will you be my jailer?

Your command is my wish.

She was such a little bitch.

You wanted him to be gone.

He was in the way, destroying our name.

So, I said so long.

Deciding to play.

You told me to stay away.

My Creator,

Why am I a failure?

How am I a monster?

First you loved me.

Now you hate me.

Mr. Creator can you not see?

You made me, you raised me!

This was meant to be!

But you locked me away.

Well now I'm free to play.

They can't tell me to go away.

In my perfect decaying,




beautiful mausoleum.

Dear Creator,

You're the failure!

You're the monster!

Leaving me all alone.

But I am fate.

And we have a play date.

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