Get da girl (C6)
Get da girl (C6) bar stories

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Get da girl (C6)

There was nothing more satisfying than seeing the smile on Charlie’s face as she skipped down the sidewalk checking her phone every few seconds.

A group of college guys clearly not used to not getting their way shuffled after her, pouting like three-year old’s.

Barely minutes before, Leon and Charlie were enjoying themselves at a local sports bar. It was crowded, causing the duo to share a table with the afore mentioned men.

They shouted over the loud music, cheered at sports teams making scores, and simply enjoyed the company of strangers.

At first, Leon was on guard being in the company of three, full grown men clearly aiming to get drunk and laid.

Leon worried for a second that Charlie may become the main target due to being the only girl at the table.

Plus, at first glance she looked like a naïve little blond girl under the spell that all are kind and none are cruel.

But one Charlie showed the group videos of her wrestling competitions, he was not that worried.

“So, how long have you been wrestling Charlie?” the alpha, whose name was Evan, looked over his beer glass. Charlie was busy pulling her untamed hair in a bun to avoid it touching her burger.

Once complete she took a sip of her own glass of sangria.

“Since middle school. I had two neighbors that were basically my brothers. They helped me practice until I beat them."

“Really?” questioned the smallest of the group, Ben. He was clearly new and still learning his place amongst them.

A light glimmered in Charlie’s eyes, as if she was recalling a fond memory, “Yeah, the look on their faces when I pinned them down was priceless.

They looked like dead fish with their mouths hanging open.”

Soon a waitress made her way to the group. Leon had to admit, she was cute. Black, arrow straight hair pulled up in a ponytail high above her round face.

Almond shaped, brown eyes shined with warmth and small lips formed a polite smile. Golden skin glowed in the light as perfectly straight teeth gleamed.

The second ranking of the group Jeremy, let out a low whistle at the sight of the waitress.

His hazel eyes openly roamed her body, then stretched his meaty arms in the air in attempt to show his muscles supposedly flexing under the layer of pasty freckled skin.

Compared to Evan’s sculpted body that could be mistaken for a Greek marble statue, Jeremy’s body was a play-doh factory threatening to burst from his too tight, sky blue under-armor shirt.

In short, he was fat. Easily over two to three-hundred pounds, his mere size no doubt earned him his spot as Evan’s right hand man, but it did not earn him luck in scoring a girl.

“How is everyone? The food good?” the waitress’ Chinese accent weaved through her words pleasantly, Leon and Charlie swore the three men almost orgasmed right there.

“Fuckers.” Charlie hissed loud enough for Leon to hear, he growled in agreement. It was plain as day the men were hungry wolves coming across a stray bunny.

Said bunny saw the wolves a mile away, but trapped in her little cage of being their waitress, she had to grin and bear it.

The group knew it, and tried to milk out every second with the bunny, confidence making them proud wolves of the bar, but they forgot about one wolf.

A nearly animalistic growl rippled across the table. The sound snapped everyone’s attention to Leon.

Who sat back in his seat, arm draped around Charlie, who was stuffing her face with swiss cheese and mushroom burger.

The action flexed his muscles sending the silent challenge to the males of the table. Two pairs of blue eyes glared icicles into the group. Freezing each man at the table with unspoken threats.

The waitress’ eyes gleamed brighter as her smile grew. At least there was two wolves on her side. She relaxed a bit, seeing that the group was put in line.

“So, when do you get off?” Evan flashed a charming smile quickly after the question left his mouth.

“You done, Miss?” gesturing to Charlie’s now empty plate, the waitress patiently waited an ok.

“Yes, thank you Chiasto.” The plate passed hands, so was a smile and the waitress disappeared.

“Chiasto? How the hell am I supposed to scream that tonight?”

“I know man, it’s like a tongue twister. Chee-aSSthhh-oe.

” Jeremy proceeded to actually twist his tongue around, horribly butchering the name to the point that nothing but spluttering sounds came out.

Evan howled his head off at Jeremey’s red face glowing like a piece of lit coal, his spit flying every which way.

Leon leaned away from the spit, glad that Charlie ate her food before this event. Now he could not say the same for his beer.

Ben, pushed his mop of mousy brown hair back, his slim frame hunched away from the duo looking close to dying they were laughing so hard. Leon secretly hoped two did.

“It’s not that hard to say actually.” A small second of confidence made Ben speak up, squaring his shoulders he cast a glance to Jeremy.

Fear did faintly shine in his round, brown eyes, something else dulled that and shone brighter.

“Joking man, I can scream any name I want.” Evan flashed a lopsided grin to Ben. A silent way to congratulate him for speaking.

The kid needed to find his place in the group, he could not do that without a little back bone.

“Yeah, how long have you been with us, still can’t tell when we joke? The laughter wasn’t a cue for you?” Jeremy, had other ideas. He was a man to be feared, not be slightly feared.

He did not like that gleam in Ben’s eye. That gleam was a challenge, one he would regret taking.

“Kay, Clapper” Ben cocked his head to the side. His brown eyes shone with such innocence it could rival Jesus’. “That wasn’t a cue for you?”

Jeremy’s lips curled back in a snarl as his fists turned white by clenching them. Seemingly unable to move, Evan kept the glass just inches away from his lips, stunned at Ben’s words.

A soft gasp left Charlie, realization passed across her face as she stared at Jeremy.

Leon ducked away from the scene, propping his elbow on the table, he used his arm to hide his face from the trio. Voice just barely a whisper, Leon asked the only question on his mind.


“At the nearby community college, someone spread a rumor that some guy there had the clap. Apparently, the guy has a little fetish, tried to hook up with anyone that was taken.

So, how do you prevent him from doing that?

“Say he has an STD, no one will give him a chance.”

“Yup.” Both cast a glance at Jeremy, he looked ready to rip Ben’s throat out.

“Jer.” Evan placed a hand on Jeremey’s shoulder. “Everyone’s crossed the line. Even you.”

While the words did not seem to calm him down, it did seem to remind Jeremy that this was not a place to commit murder. With a growl, Jeremy leaned back, eyes fixated on Ben.

The suffocating silence that followed was cut when Charlie drummed her hands on the table.

“I’ma get something at the bar. Want anything?” the question was only directed Leon. With a shake of his head, Charlie took off, her petite figure disappearing in the crowd.

“I’d tap that.”

“Seriously, Evan?”

“What, Ben?” Ben jerked his head to Leon, who was eyeing Evan as he took a sip of Charlie’s sangria. His icy blue eyes formed into slits, glowing brightly with something that was unidentifiable.

But everyone felt threatened by it.

“Oh, shit man, didn’t think. Is she with you?”

With agonizing calmness, Leon placed the drink down. “Why? You have the clap too?”

Before Evan could even answer, a burst of cheers came from the bar. Looking over, everyone saw Charlie propped up on the bar, excitedly chatting away with a group of bikers.

Her hands moved erratically as she told a story, each biker listened to her like she was a child telling something they learned that day.

“Huh, she gets popular fast.” Commented Ben. Leon could only hum in agreement. Charlie was one of those people who can walk into a room and all the attention is on them.

“Hey guys.” So lost in thought, Leon did not notice Charlie return to the table. “They didn’t have anything I wanted”

“Ready to go?” Chiasto appeared, bills in hand ready to be given. Chiasto handed out the bills, dropping a wink Leon’s way.

“Well, we know who got her number.” Evan glared at Leon.

Jeremy snarled “What the fuck? He didn’t even talk to her.”

“Yeah, me!” Fist pumping erratically in her seat, Charlie had the biggest grin on her face as she sang a victory song.

Waving the bill in each person’s face they could see, sure enough, ten numbers were written on the bottom of the paper. Complete with Chiasto’s full name, a winky face, and heart next to it.

Slowly, shock crushed the men’s egos. Save for Leon. Leon was more amused than anything. Everyone stood up and made for the exit, not a single word was uttered.

As the group passed Chiasto, who was chatting with the barman, she waved at Charlie.

Once they parted ways from the three men with bruised egos, Leon finally asked the question. “So how did you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Get her number.” a mischievous smile crept upon her face.

“When I went to the bar? I wasn’t talking to those bikers.”

“You were talking to Chiasto. Bravo, Charlie m’dear. Bravo.” Leon slowly clapped, Charlie bowed to it with mocking elegance.

As if she just finished her best on-stage performance and was being showered with roses.

“So, did you find anyone?’’ Charlie skipped beside him, waiting for an answer.

Leon hummed in thought. “Ben was cute but obviously a fuck boy. He’s just one of those guys that at first seems like an alright guy. Once you get to know them, boom, fuck boy reviled.”


“Yup, me like some dick.” Leon barely got to finish his sentence before Charlie gripped his arm like a lifeline, whipped out her phone, and dragged him down the sidewalk.


“The nearest bar is point five miles away. Would you like directions t-“


“Starting route.”

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