Zedd's in love
Zedd's in love zedd stories

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Lord Zedd tries to understand why he's fallen in love with Rita Repulsa.

Zedd's in love

"How could I marry her?!" Lord Zedd screamed to himself as he paced his room heavily, his footsteps making the furniture tremble.

"I find her repulsive, I banished her to float around the galaxy for all eternity and yet... I married her!"

It made no sense. He thought Rita was useless only a while ago, and now each time he saw her his heart fluttered like a schoolgirl watching her crush walk by.

She was repulsive, wasn't she? In many ways, yes, and yet he was fascinated by her. Enthralled even.

He had agreed to marry her, and though he was confused about the reasons why, Zedd supposed love was funny that way.

Even an evil overlord could fall in love when the right woman came around, and even if he had dismissed her as worthless scum for eons, now everything seemed different.

Even her shrill voice melted his heart, hearing her scream at her minions made him smile when he did not even know how to smile before these days.

Rita had failed him more times than he could count and yet she was still his Queen, his love.

Had she earned his affections through perseverance and her amazingly cruel ways? Perhaps it had been the case. Maybe age was making him softer.

"Zeddy!" Her high pitched screams echoed across the castle's hallways, and instead of shuddering in annoyance, he felt elated.

Rolling his eyes at his own reaction, Zedd walked toward the door, heeding his wife's call.

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