You make me as happy as a cheeseburger
You make me as happy as a cheeseburger supernatural stories

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Castiel can't quite find the right way of telling Dean he loves him. But he finds an odd way of doing it.

You make me as happy as a cheeseburger

Castiel had disappeared a few minutes ago, but the moment Dean looked away, he reappeared as if he had never left.

This annoyed Dean to bits, suddenly being startled by the angel appearing out of thin air: It was hard getting used to it, no matter how many times he did it.

"Another cheeseburger?" Dean asked as he rolled his eyes. Castiel had offered himself as his companion during this stakeout, but he had left 3 times already for extra hamburgers.

"Two, in fact. So I don't leave again so soon"

Dean chuckled and shrugged. He couldn't get mad at Cas' ridiculous love for cheeseburgers. It was odd, but surprisingly human at the same time. It was almost... cute.

"You know, these make me very happy," Castiel said while munching on his meal.

"You don't say" Dean grinned at Cas as he noticed him smiling. Strangely enough, he was not smiling at his meal but at Dean himself.

"It makes me as happy as you make me"

Dean blinked, stunned.


"You make me as happy as a cheeseburger, Dean"

Dean blushed lightly and chuckled, surprisingly happy about such an odd compliment. Was it the angel's way of telling Dean he loved him?

"You make me quite happy to, Cas" What he really meant, though, was I love you too, Cas.

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