You don't have a chance in hell!
You don't have a chance in hell! tokyo ghoul stories

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Kaneki reveals his feelings for Touka to the worse adviser possible!

You don't have a chance in hell!

Hide had been laughing for 2 minutes straight and Kaneki was frowning at his friend, trying hard not to smile back at him. It was not good to encourage Hide when he began mocking him.

"You can't be serious! You think you have a chance with her?!"

"Well, why not?" "Touka's too pretty for you! She'll kick your ass if you ask her out"

Kaneki had made the mistake of telling Kaneki about his crush on Touka, and was being mocked in the annoying and endearing way only Hide could achieve.

"She's really special, I know... but I can't help falling for her! So you don't think I should ask her out?"

Hide wiped a tear of laughter from his eyes and shrugged nonchalantly.

"I think she's going to reject you! Because look at her! But... you should still try"

"Really?" Kaneki asked surprised, slightly worried at his chances.

"Yeah, I mean... you are not half bad yourself" Hide smile softened as he pushed away the jokes "She's way out of your league, but you're a great guy, so... yeah, go for it."

Hide wasn't going to tell his friend he felt he absolutely deserved a chance with Touka,

because it was so much more fun to tease Kaneki about it, of course, but he'd always support his best friend.

"So, where are you going to take her?... if you manage to convince her, that is!"

"I'm not going to say the library, because you'll mock me till you choke on your own laughter"

"Yeah, and you'll have it coming, too!" Hide chuckled again, patting the table with the palm of his hand and forcing a frustrated Kaneki to groan.

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