Wise girl
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Percy can only love Annabeth from afar. (Percabeth)

Wise girl

Annabeth. The wise girl of his dreams.

Percy found himself, once more, daydreaming about her beautiful hair, those big eyes blue eyes of her, and that quick wit that drove him crazy.

He couldn't help himself; it was as if every other day he imagined things that never would happen. She was too good for him. She was too smart, too beautiful, too... everything!

Plus, Annabeth was his best friend, and what if he made things awkward by telling her about his undying crush for her? What if she asked him to give her more space?

He couldn't afford to lose her entirely, it would break his heart!

So instead, Percy pinned for her in silence, from a distance.

Whenever she was near, he tried to play it cool, but whenever he saw her and she couldn't see him, he'd take a few seconds to stare and enjoy her beauty, her smile, her uniqueness.

It was only from afar that he could ever imagine she was his girlfriend and that she'd give him a real chance.

Close to her, she was only his best friend, and the girl that always had to have the last word.

His wise girl. If only she could truly be his.

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