Will you stay with me?
Will you stay with me? undertale stories

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Toriel has a very important question to ask Frisk, now that the war is over.

Will you stay with me?

After everything was said and done, Frisk had finally granted her son the peace he so direly needed.

Toriel had suffered for long the death of her child, Asriel, and even worse knowing how he continued to be tortured in death by being forced to be reanimated in the shape of a sick flower.

Asriel wasn't himself any further, and all he needed was to be granted the possibility to finally rest in peace.

Though he was almost defeated, her new adoptive son Frisk had managed defeat Asriel, and in doing so, he finally was able to let go and embrace the peacefulness of real death.

Now humans and monsters shared the very same world, no war or darkness engulfing any of them.

There was only one question remaining.

"Frisk, will you stay with me? Let me be your mother, take care of you until you grow?" She asked the child who had saved her entire world with his kindness and determination.

Frisk hugged the monster who had been like a mother to him in every sense of the word and nodded, sobbing with happiness.

"Of course I will! You are already my mom, Toriel, you always were!"

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