Will you ever learn to knock?
Will you ever learn to knock? supernatural stories

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Castiel refuses to knock. The Winchester brothers are not happy.

Will you ever learn to knock?

"Dean..." Castiel began to speak, but he was interrupted by Dean and Sam's startled gasp.

"For crying out loud, Cas, will you ever learn to just knock?" Dean hissed, tired of jumping on his seat whenever Castiel decided it was time to show up. Unannounced, as always.

"It's an unnecessary waste of time" He replied, shrugging lightly as he took a seat across the room from the two brothers.

Sam sighed and continued eating his breakfast.

"Is it urgent? Because we're trying to enjoy a few hours of relaxation before having to deal with demons and death, you know"

Castiel blinked for a moment, clearly confused by these words.

"We sometimes get tired of hunting, Cas" Dean tried to explain, but Castiel still seemed clueless "What is it you want so urgently?"

"Why should it be urgent?"

"Because you don't use the door like a normal--- Well, never mind" Sam had been about to say a normal human being, but Castiel was anything but one.

"Nevermind, tell us what you are here for" Sam gave up on the idea of having one morning of peace and quiet.

If Castiel was here, it ought to be either intrinsical to the survival of humankind or about hamburgers. Neither would allow them to remain sitting for much longer.

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