Why won't daddy tuck me in?
Why won't daddy tuck me in? short story stories

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She keeps asking me why daddy doesn't come home, and it's getting harder and harder every time.

Why won't daddy tuck me in?

That question again, asked with her little girl's sweet, sad voice.

"Why won't daddy tuck me in, mommy?" She asked, and my heart broke all over again.

I couldn't cry in front of my daughter. She was too young to understand the pain I was experiencing, she was too young to comprehend loss the way an adult could.

It was hard explaining it to her without breaking down and sobbing. I felt so alone, and not even her teddy bears made me feel any safer.

I was alone now, alone with Lily, my sweet angel, and I had to come to terms with it, somehow. For her sake.

"Daddy isn't home, Lily" I explained patiently again. I didn't feel strong enough to tell her he was never going to be home again, not after last night's conversation.

"But he'll be home soon?"

My eyes filled with tears, and I was thankful that the only light in the room was Lily's small nightlight.

"No, honey. I told you about it last night, remember? Daddy is in heaven now"

"But he'll climb down soon, right?"

I closed my eyes. I wanted to scream. Not at Lily, of course: At this world and how unfair it could be sometimes.

"No. You can't climb down from heaven once you go there, honey"

There was a long silence. Lily hugged me. Was she crying? I wasn't sure, and I didn't dare look down.

"Maybe we can build a really long stair to help him climb down?"

I bit my lip so hard, somehow keeping myself from whimpering. I sighed instead.

"It's time to go to sleep, babygirl"

"Can you sleep in my bed, mommy?"

I cuddled up with Lily that night. I don't know who needed it more, her or me.

I miss him... And I don't know how many times I can keep explaining he's not coming back before I truly break down.

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