Who is Clarence?
Who is Clarence? fanfiction stories

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Cas wants to know who that Clarence guy is, and Dean and Sam help him out.

Who is Clarence?

"I still don't get why Meg keeps calling me Clarence!" Cas protested to Dean and Sam who just chuckled to themselves "Why won't anyone answer me?"

"You know what? You're right" Dean said, standing up and walking toward the computer "You have the right to know."

He began searching for something and Castiel scurried toward him, anxious to know what was going on. Much to his surprise, Dean had found a movie.

"Watch this and you'll have your answers"

"Is the movie some kind of mystical..."

"No, it's just an old movie. Sit down and watch it"

Castiel looked surprised, but reluctantly nodded and sat down. At his insistence, though, the two brothers sat by his side and watched the old classic, 'It's a wonderful life' together.

By the ending, Castiel turned to face Sam and Dean, who looked clearly amused by his expression.

"Well, I understand the Clarence reference now" He mumbled, still looking as lost as he had before the movie started.

"But?" Asked Sam, trying not to laugh out loud.

"The movie is just so inaccurate! Who told the writers about angels and God?"

"It's make-believe, Cas..."

"I get that... but they just got so much wrong!"

"They usually do..."

"I don't think I like being called Clarence now that I know where it comes from"

"You know, Cas, I don't really think she'll give you a chance to decide on that" Dean chuckled lightly and Sam joined in. Castiel really couldn't argue with that, though.

Meg wasn't the kind of demon to ask for permission.

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