While we swam
While we swam teen wolf stories

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A retelling of the swimming pool scene from the episode Abomination.

While we swam

Derek had been scratched on the back of his neck by that damned lizard creature, Stiles thought, and now it was his job to keep him afloat in the swimming pool he had fallen into.

Derek was usually strong, he was the one to stand up and fight, but right then and there, he couldn't even move, paralyzed by that abomination!.

So it was up to Stiles to keep him afloat, and though he was worried and exhausted, he also felt good about finally being able to protect him instead.

They were so close, with Stiles holding Derek close, as they continued to swim. Though the pool was cold, the proximity to Derek's firm, strong boy made him feel warm all over.

It was an extreme situation. If Stiles grew too exhausted to hold Derek any further, he knew it would be the end of him, but he couldn't let go. Not now, not ever.

"I'm never letting you go" Stiles whispered in Derek's ear, and he didn't mean just here, in this pool.

"I know" The werewolf answered, his breathing troubled. He was exhausted too, even while paralyzed.

Stiles knew Derek must be feeling so helpless, and he wasn't used to that awful feeling.

Stiles dared kiss Derek's neck softly, reassuringly, and he heard the usually brooding man gasp lightly. It was a small gesture, but one Stiles hoped Derek fully understood.

In that pool, Stiles had realized his true feelings for Derek, and he had an inkling Derek had discovered his own as well... only time would tell.

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