What was dad like?
What was dad like? the walking dead stories

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Judith is babysitting her baby brother when he asks her a question she is not prepared for!

What was dad like?

Judith was babysitting her little brother, RJ, as her stepmother, Michonne settled a few issues outside the house.

She loved being around her little brother, especially knowing she only had one now after Carl was killed.

Now that her dad was gone as well, she cherished her family far more than a usual child would.

"Judy?" Little RJ asked, and she looked up from the drawing they were working on together.

"Yes, RJ?"

"What was Daddy like?"

Judith felt herself choke up a bit. She couldn't bring it into words, but even she knew she was too young to be facing a question like that.

Still, she missed her dad so much, and she couldn't even imagine never having met him at all!

"He was awesome. He was a policeman, and helped a lot of people."

"He did?"

"Oh, yes. He was the bravest man on earth"

"That's so cool"

Judith giggled, trying to choke down a quiet sob. She fidgetted with the pencil and stood up, wanting to change the subject.

"Want something to snack?" She asked, and the younger kid nodded. She stretched her arm toward him, and he took her hand. "Let's go to the kitchen. Mom will be here soon"

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