What if... Rick not sacrificed himself at the bridge
What if... Rick not sacrificed himself at the bridge the walking dead stories

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A what if scenario I would have loved to see in the show.

What if... Rick not sacrificed himself at the bridge

Rick laid in bed late at night by a pregnant Michonne, resting his hand on her belly and feeling the baby kicking.

He had thought after losing his wife, after Judith's birth, he'd never be a father a third time, and yet here he was, excited to meet the little guy or gal who would soon be joining their lives.

"I'd like to call him Rick Jr. if he's a boy"

"That's a terrible idea, the poor guy" Rick kid, chuckling lightly. Michonne rolled her eyes as she laughed softly and he nodded at her suggestion "That could work. It has a nice ring to it."

"And if she's a girl? What would you like to call her?"

Rick hesitated for a second, and then leaned forward, kissing Michonne softly before replying.

"I know this might be a weird request, but... Carl misses his mother and Judith never met her at all."

"You've been an incredible mother to them, but that doesn't erase the fact that their birth mom died when little Judy was born. I'd like honoring her."

"So you'd like our child to be called Lori if she's a girl?"

"If it's not too weird..."

"I think it's sweet to honor the dead, Rick especially the mother of your children. I'd be ok with it"

Rick felt the baby kick again and smiled brightly, nodding at the love of his life.

"I love you, Michonne" He whispered, kissing her once more and cuddling up to her, getting ready to sleep for the night.

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