What if... Lena knew Supergirl's true identity?
What if... Lena knew Supergirl's true identity? supergirl stories

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Lena prepared a perfect dinner for their anniversary, but Supergirl must save the city once again!

What if... Lena knew Supergirl's true identity?

Lena had ensured everything was perfect for that night. It was, after all, her first anniversary with the love of her life, Kara Danvers.

She was gorgeous, bright, funny... and the most incredible superhero she had ever met.

Kara had confided on her just as they began dating.

It had not been easy, dealing with the truth of who Kara truly was and how long she had kept it a secret from her best friend, but in the end, Lena had come to grips with it,

especially since Kara had been earnest about it.

They were deeply in love, and Lena wanted tonight to be perfect. She had hired a private chef, made sure the apartment looked spotless and even bought Kara's favorite flowers.

She was all dressed up in the dress Kara always said looked the best on her: a gorgeous blue gown which accentuated her feminine figure. All that was missing was her girlfriend!

The second Kara arrived, Lena knew something was up: The look of guilt in her girlfriend's face was unmistakable.

"Oh, no... not tonight, Kara!"

"I'm so sorry, I know how much effort you put into all of this, and it looks amazing... But I need to go." Kara apologized profusely.

Frowning, Lena crossed her arms, yet reluctantly agreed.

"Fine" She knew supergirl's missions were fundamental to keep the city safe, and Kara wouldn't put anything silly above their anniversary. "But you owe me big time!"

"I do, you're the best!" Kara kissed her girlfriend and reluctantly stepped away "I'll be back as soon as possible!"

Before Lena could reply, Kara had already flown away, barely giving the dark-haired beauty time to blink.

"Well, this sucks..." Lena mumbled to herself, staring back at the untouched meal waiting for them on the living room table. Still, she admired Kara.

She knew her girlfriend was this city's savior, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

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