What if... Jon and Daenerys had a happy ending
What if... Jon and Daenerys had a happy ending game of thrones stories

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Daenerys realizes Jon's heritage only makes their claim to the throne stronger... if they were to get married.

What if... Jon and Daenerys had a happy ending

Dani had been struggling with the discovery of Jon's true lineage ever since he revealed it to her.

It was not easy accepting she wasn't the last of her blood, that there was another living heir to the throne.

It had been her legacy for so long... everything she had worked for.

And yet, as she imagined her life without him, as she imagined opposing his claim to the throne, she realized she loved him in way she had not experienced since her late husband.

Daenerys had told herself she'd never remarry, that she'd never allow herself to fall in love that way once more.

But what if she did?

If she were to marry Jon, their claim to the throne would only be stronger. Two rightful heirs to Westeros' Iron Throne forming a formidable alliance...

no one could deny their rightfulness then. Even the North would bend the knee to them, as Jon, the leader they had chosen, would also be their king.

It was the perfect solution... and it gave her the chance to spend the rest of her life by his side.

Dani decided to let go of her pride. She was not giving up on her dreams, on her rightful place on the throne,

but rather sharing with someone she knew was worthy of that position.

And so she slipped into his bed late that night, before the battle that would change their lives forever, and she cuddled into to her lover's arms.

"Jon..." She whispered. He wasn't sleeping, she could feel it, by the way he held her. "Jon, listen to me"

He opened his eyes slowly. They had been arguing and bickering for so long now, he clearly was exhausted of it. She was exhausted of it as well.

"Marry me" She whispered, running her fingers over his dark curls.

She could see his smile under the dim lights of the candles, and smiled herself, feeling relieved, feeling happy again.

"Marry you?"

"Yes. Be my King, and let me be your Queen, Jon. You are a Targaryen, just like me. We can bring peace to Westeros, together"

Jon's smile widened, and he nodded, pulling her closer and kissing her deeply.

They melted in each other's arms that night. Soon, they'd be wed and their union would be formalized.

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