What if... Annabeth and Percy got married
What if... Annabeth and Percy got married percy jackson stories

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A tender what if... moment between Annabeth, Percy, and their toddler daughter.

What if... Annabeth and Percy got married

"Mommy, mommy!"

Annabeth and Percy sat up in their bed, listening to the tiny footsteps rush toward their bedroom. Little Allisa ran inside, grabbing her teddy bear and looking like she was close to tears.

"What is it, baby?" Annabeth asked, stretching her arms so that her toddler could cuddle up to her mother. Allisa did so immediately, hiding in her mother's arms.

"I had a bad dream"

"Oh, you did?" Percy asked, caressing his little girl's hair tenderly. He loved Allisa's hair, it was just like her mother's, so blonde and curly.

"Yes, daddy, and it was really scary!"

"It's ok, you can sleep with us tonight" The three of them laid down once more, and Percy smiled at his wife tenderly, noticing how she smiled back in the darkness of the room.

"I love you, Annabeth" He whispered to her sweetly.

After everything they had gone through in their years together, Annabeth was not only his wife but also his best friend

and his most trusted ally in all of his adventures, even now that they had a kid together.

"I love you too, seaweed brain" She teased right back, and they heard Allisa's sweet little giggle.

"Seaweed brain" The toddler repeated her mother's words, and Percy chuckled, shaking his head in mock disapproval.

"Look at what you did! I hope you are proud of yourself"

"I'm incredibly proud of myself" Annabeth replied, joining in the laughter.

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