We need to tell John
We need to tell John sherlock stories

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Irene wonders when Sherlock will tell his best friend about their relationship.

We need to tell John

"It's been months already, Sherlock" Irene sat by her boyfriend's side at their apartment, offering him a cup of tea.

They had been dating for much longer, but a handful of months back, Sherlock had asked her to move in... In his own particular way.

Which meant all her clothes disappeared from her own apartment, and it didn't take long for Irene to discover where they were hidden: In his own closet.

Irene hadn't argued with the charming, if incredibly invasive, gesture, and since then, they had moved in together.

Sherlock insisted on addressing her as his flatmate, but they both knew it was much more than that.

"What, that we're flatmates?"

"Are you still pretending that's all we are?" Irene asked, giving him a little smirk. Sherlock grunted and looked away from her, knowing she was right, but refusing to say it out loud.

"We do need to tell him, don't we?"


A long silence filled the room. Irene waited for him to reply, for him to say anything, but after a while, she just got tired and asked the inevitable:

"Are you afraid he'll disapprove?"

"Well, not afraid..."

"So yes?"


Irene chuckled and shrugged, resting her head on Sherlock's shoulder.

"I suppose we can wait a bit longer" She whispered, resting her hand on his knee. "And I know just how you can make it up to me"

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