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Young Levi lost everything when he was too young to understand his pain fully.


Young Levi sat silently by his mother's bed.

He had grown up in the underground, away from the sun and in the company of a mother that, though he loved her son deeply, could not provide for him.

He had been sitting there silently for days, seeing his mother's body waste away, forced to grow up all too quickly.

The young child looked up when the strange man entered the house, looking pale and serious. Detached, almost.

"Come, boy" The stranger had told him, but Levi didn't stand up. The stranger moved closer, refusing to look twice at the corpse laying on the bed. "I'm a friend of your mother's. Kenny.

You'll come with me, I'll raise you"

Levi blinked in confusion. Even at his young age, he realized this was not normal. A strange man simply coming into his home and informing him he'd raise him from now on, it sounded wrong.

"Your mother is no longer here to look out for you" Kenny informed him.

Seeing the kid still didn't move, he sighed and showed an uncharacteristic rush of emotion "You'll be safe with me, I promise"

His tone was gentler now, and though Levi hesitated, he was still too young, and too broken after his mother's death, to refuse.

He stood up slowly and walked by the stranger's side. A stranger he'd discover, many years later, was in fact the uncle his mom never told him about.

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