Under attack!
Under attack! mass effect stories

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The Normandy is under attack! Take cover!

Under attack!

The Normandy's crew were busy in yet another day traveling across the vast void of space, taking care of the different tasks they were assigned to.

No one saw the attack coming until it was too late.

With a loud banging sound, the deck shook and groaned as pieces of the ship were torn and scattered, the rumble harming several members of the crew.

"What happened?!" Screams could be heard across the ship. "Is everyone alright?!" Another cry came from the control room "Activating the emergency systems!"

"We are under attack!" Jocker's voice roared over the intercom system. "The Normandy's systems as failing, oxygen levels dangerously low! Everyone report to the life-pods at once!"

The entire crew began rushing toward the assigned areas, Ashley and Tali entering the same pod along with other crew members, with Shepard managing to get yet another life-pod filled,

its occupants buckling their harnesses up, before announcing it was full. He was going to make sure everyone was out of the ship before he considered his own safety.

"Sealing the door!" He announced, and received a worried look from his subordinates, as the door slid shut and sealed, before being launched into space.

"Commander, in there!" Liara screamed from the one remaining pod still attached to the ship, as yet another section of the Normandy was blown to pieces "Hurry!"

Shepard began rushing toward the open door, his one pathway to salvation, as a pipeline collapsed just in front of him.

"Shepard!" He heard someone else screaming inside the pod.

"Go! You don't have enough time!" He commanded, but for once his orders were refused.

Shepard tried to jump over the wreckage, slicing the side of his right leg as he did so.

Grunting in pain, he was forced to drag himself the rest of the way, gritting his teeth in pain, feeling the open wound palpitating.

He was dragged into the life-pod and barely managed to be harnessed into his seat when another massive explosion detached the pod from the main ship.

As they floated away into the darkness of space, they could all see the Normandy exploding into an enormous fireball.

If they had taken a second later, they would have burnt along with their ship.

They were safe for now. Hurt and without a ship, but safe. Shepard swore to himself he would soon find the people responsible for this attack!

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