To see the sun again
To see the sun again borderlands stories

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Angel has been locked away almost all her life, and she's desperate to see the sun again.

To see the sun again

She missed feeling the rain against her skin, the grass against her fingers, the soft summer breeze brushing her hair to the side.

Angel had been locked in this damned place, floating in her shielded cage, unable to fully remember how the sun's warmth felt. She can try and imagine it, but never actually remember it.

She had asked for her father countless times to be allowed to go out just one more time, to no avail.

Her father visits her frequently, but she doesn't enjoy his visits.

Her was a manipulative ass, she knew it, and yet he was his father, how could she turn away the only people she had left in her life?

And for that matter, being locked up the way she was, how was she going to ever stop him?

"Dad? Can I go out, just for today, just an hour... just half an hour?" She dared ask once, but never again. He had been so furious, so angry, so horrible to her.

Telling her how she was a danger to all those outside her dome. How she had harmed her mother... murdered her.

Angel never dared ask again. She never dared plead again, even if she did so in her head every single day.

"You'll be a good girl as long as you stay inside" He assured her, and smiled with that cynical, cruel grin. Angel hated him, but she also loved him... he was all she had left, after all.

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