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Shipping a very special couple: TIVA (Tony and Ziva)


Tony had been in love with Ziva for as long as he could remember. She was unlike any woman he had ever met.

Ziva was fierce and skillful, she was brave and feminine, kind and determined. She was everything he wanted in a woman, and yet she had been always just out of his reach.

The thing was, Tony was a bit of a playboy... or if Ziva had any saying on the matter, a lot of a playboy.

He jumped from meaningless relation to meaningless relationship and although she had feelings for him, she didn't want to become another notch on his bedpost.

But finally, they had found each other's arms, they had accepted their feelings and given each other an opportunity.

"I love you" Ziva whispered as she laid in bed by his side, kissing his lips tenderly and sighing happily.

"Oh, I know" He teased right back and earned himself a slap on the side of his head.

"You ass" She hissed, though chuckling sweetly.

"I love you too, Ziva. I've always loved you" He turned serious, staring at her in the eye and smiling warmly. "I'm so glad we decided to finally admit it"

Kissing once more, he pulled her closer, ready to show her just how much he cared about her.

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