They really are Loud!
They really are Loud! loud house stories

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A neighbor muses about how annoying yet endearing it is to live next door to 11 kids.

They really are Loud!

I have lived next to them for over 17 years now, ever since their first kid was born. And then the second and third and fourth, and I thought that would be it, but the babies kept arriving!

They are a lovely family; there's no denying it: The parents are loving and hard-working, and they do try to keep their children in check... but there are just so many of them!

There's that older one that drives around her sisters often, and then the second one, cute teen but isn't she just a bit ditzy?

Then that damned kid that plays her instruments all day long and sometimes right through any nap time I might try to get!

Sometimes I just want a bit of peace and quiet, but they are always around, running around and making all kinds of ruckus.

I try to be patient, but when I go to their house to protest, I either have to endure that odd kid's bad jokes or be chased around by one of the smallest one's experiments. It's never simple!

It's chaotic even outside the house, and I often wonder how the parents do it, but I can't deny that Rita and Lynn seemed earnestly in love, even after all these years,

and this gives me hope for my own marriage.

There's also those little ones who look so much alike, they must be twins, but they couldn't be more different from each other,

and the kid that's always trying to get people around her to challenge her to a race.

And then there's the poor little guy among all those girls, but he looks so happy, and so I wonder if being surrounded by siblings isn't the key to enjoying your childhood the most.

Perhaps I should talk to my wife about having a kid or two more.

It might not be the worst idea in the world, and the neighborhood isn't going to be any more of a mess for one or two extra children!

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