Their secret
Their secret sherlock stories

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Irene teases Sherlock about their relationship, during a rare moment of pillow-talk.

Their secret

"It's funny, for a man who thinks himself so devoid of emotions, your heart sure beats fast when we're in bed together"

Irene tone was teasing, sensual. It always was when she was speaking to him.

It drove Sherlock crazy.

"It's not due to any emotions. You are a very attractive woman, it's merely a physical reaction"

"Oh, I'm sure it is" Irene replied with a sexy little chuckle.

She was cuddling up to him, in her hotel room's bed. They never saw each other in his apartment: Sherlock wanted to keep their relationship a secret.

"Do you realize I'm your dirty little secret, dear Sherlock?"

Sherlock pinched her hip silently, grunting lightly at her implication. She chuckled once more and kissed his neck sensually.

"I'm ready for another round, if you are too" She whispered in his ear.

Sherlock didn't answer, but his arms were still wrapped around her, and he didn't stop her from kissing him as she continued to whisper.

"Or perhaps you're too tired already?"

"Trying to appeal to my pride?"

"Perhaps..." She smirked up at him, staring deep into his eyes.

He couldn't deny it: Each time he saw those beautiful green orbs, his heartbeat accelerated to dangerous peaks, and he knew she knew it too.

"Your pulse is getting faster again" She teased him.

The only way to shut her up was to kiss her, and that was precisely what Sherlock did.

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