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The world finally knows who Danny is and he can embrace his dual identity without having to hide any longer.

The world knows

Everyone knew now. It was incredible.

He had spent so long hiding, pretending he was someone he wasn't. Lurking in the shadows and keeping a massive secret from not only most people in his life but even his own parents!

Danny had wanted to tell his family about it for so long.

God bless Jazz for being smart enough to figure it out on her own! If she hadn't, not even his sister would have been able to be there for him, just his best friends Sam and Tucker.

"They all know" Jazz had told him, and at last he could transform back into his normal body in front of a whole crowd, without being terrified that they'd judge him,

knowing that they'd accept him as one of their own.

People cheered! Who would have imagined? He had saved the world a million times before, but now it was out in the open, and citizens respected him. His parents were proud!

They even built a statue in his honor. Danny had never felt happier, and finally, an impossibly heavy burden had been removed from his shoulders.

He could ask for help without fearing being discovered. He could admit where he needed to go.

He could be both Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton, without having to create a constant line to divide the two of them.

"Thank you for always being there for me" He had told his best friends and his sister as they hugged.

Now the entire world stood by his side, but for the longest time, it had been just them "I'll never forget it, I promise."

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