The tree
The tree percy jackson stories

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The tree guarding Camp Half-Blood is far more than meets the eye.

The tree

She was meant to be sleeping, unaware of the passing of time, or so other campers thought.

It was a lie.

Thalia was awake, but not in the way a normal human would be. She didn't have eyes to see or mouth to speak, or even ears to listen.

Yet she could listen and she could feel, in a way no mortal would.

She experienced everything in a sort of haze as if she was lost in the mist. Sounds and sensations reached her as if they stood far away, further than she could reach.

Thalia felt campers placing their hands on her branches, climbing or her even resting against her. It didn't hurt, it never hurt. But she felt it.

She heard their conversations but never paid much attention to any of it. She felt as if she was lost in an endless nap, without ever waking up.

Thalia wanted to return to her normal life, she wanted to have hands and legs and mouth and eyes again. She wanted to be human. She wanted to be the one talking and walking by a tree.

One day, she knew, one day someone would rescue her. Till then, there was nothing left to do but wait.

And wait she did. Thalia had no say in the matter. Wait and wait and wait, and one day... she'd be a teenage girl again.

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