The supremacists
The supremacists elder scrolls stories

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The Thalmor isn't above threatening even small children in their quest to erradicate Talos' worshipers.

The supremacists

Most of the inhabitants of the different provinces of Tamriel feared them, even if no one knew every one of their faces.

The Thalmor members were everywhere: In the government, the army, and even groups of armed men who roam the lands in search of those who worship Talos.

If they were to assume complete control over the different powers in each province and managed to unify all the provinces of Tamriel,

then the only species holding any kind of power would be elvens, and every single Talos worshiper would be executed on the spot.

Even kids were no safe from their attacks: On a sunny day in Skyrim, a young child was running around the forest surrounding the town he had been born and raised in,

picking up apples to bring home. Around his neck, he carried a pendant of Talos, given to him by her mother to keep her precious child protected.

It was then that he was grabbed violently by the neck, and thrown onto the ground with cruel disregard.

"Kid!" The man responsible for such an attack hissed, surrounding the scared child with his two companions, who smirked cruelly down at him "What is that around your neck?"

"A-An amulet of Talos, sir" The child muttered, trembling in fear.

"Take it off, at once!" The warrior roared at the child, who whimpered and obeyed with trembling hands. "Now throw it far away!"

The child did as he was told, sobbing silently as the warrior bent down by his side.

"You no longer follow that fool, do you understand? If I ever see you again wearing an amulet of that fake god, I'll gut you and send your pieces to your mother!"

The child screamed in fear, but the three men didn't harm him any further, instead stepping away from him between cruel laughter.

"Remember, kid. You no longer worship fake gods. If you ever do it again... we'll be there, and you won't live to tell that tale"

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