The sleepover
The sleepover girl meets world stories
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Maya decides to pull a prank on Riley during their sleepover.

The sleepover

"I'm so glad you're sleeping over tonight, Maya," Riley said, as they sat on her bed, a bowl of popcorn between them and a scary movie ready to go on the tv.

"Yeah, your life would be so boring without me in it" Maya teased, chuckling lightly and popping popcorn into her mouth.

Riley chuckled and pressed play. She wasn't the one to choose the scary movie; of course, it had been Maya's idea.

She was so easily scared and would spend the entire film trembling and covering her eyes to avoid seeing the scariest parts.

Just as the worse scene in the movie was about to begin, where Maya knew a massive jump scare was about to happen, having seen the film before tonight, she smirked to herself in the dim bedroom.

Wouldn't it be so much fun to scare Riley?

So just as the monster was about ready to pop onto the screen and scare the hell out of the movie's protagonists, Maya bragged Riley's leg as if something was lurking underneath the sheets.

Riley screamed and jumped off the bed, sending the popcorn flying all over the room.

"Riley, Maya!" Cory screamed, barging into the room after hearing the rattle, worried something terrible had happened.

He turned on the lights just as Topanga followed behind with a bat, "Is everything ok?!"

It took the girls some time to explain what was going on, between Maya's giggles and Riley's indignation.

Everyone ended up laughing at Maya's silly prank, and the whole family decided on a more Riley-friendly movie to keep the house in relative order for the night!

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