The princess got tired of waiting
The princess got tired of waiting fantasy stories

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What happens when prince charming takes too long while traveling to rescue the fairest princess of them all?

The princess got tired of waiting

The prince arrived, though he took far too long focusing on side quests along the way.

He had heard about the fairest of princesses trapped in a high tower, surrounded by cruel dragons, in a land of endless darkness years ago.

The dashing, brave prince had been so determined to rescue the gorgeous damsel in distress!

And yet, along the way, he also heard of a town being tormented by a cruel troll and stopped by to aid them as well.

Then he ran into a minotaur who kidnapped young women and took them to his lair in the deepest corners of a vermin-infested forest,

and he made sure every single one was returned to their home before leaving.

The prince got easily distracted with every single quest thrown his way, from the most worthy causes to helping merchants get rid of annoying goblins.

By the time the dashing prince reached the tower, he was surprised to see there was indeed a door that led into it,

and the dragons overflying it didn't seem as threatening as the rumors made them out to be.

Confused, he knocked on the door, noticing the land was not lost in an endless sea of darkness like he would have imagined, and flowers even grew on the fields surrounding the building.

"Who is it?" A voice called from the other side of the door. It was gentle and sweet, just as he would have imagined the fair princess' voice would be.

"It's the prince! I'm here to rescue---"

Just before he could finish his sentence, the door opened suddenly, and before him stood the most gorgeous maiden the prince ever did see:

Her hair seemed crafted from the purest fire,

and her eyes were the color of the sea.

"I don't need rescuing" She snapped at him all of a sudden, and the prince stared back in utter confusion.

"What about the dragons threatening your life?"

"I talked things over with them. Now we are friends"

"And the lands of endless darkness?"

"I did some research and found a spell to dissipate the curse"

"And the impenetrable tower...?"

"I had a door installed, as you can see." She shrugged at his stunned expression "I got tired of waiting!"

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