The muzzle
The muzzle nick stories
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Nick's thoughts after the cruel prank his so-called friends pulled on him when he was a kid. A heartbroken kid who got rejected for trying to follow his dreams.

The muzzle

He would never trust anyone again! Not today, not ever!

Nick had been so excited about his initiation. His mother had worked so hard to buy him that silly uniform, and it had all been for naught.

A fox, nothing but a sly, cunning fox, that's all they saw in him. He had tried so hard, learned the oath, and studied all the lessons, and yet they had pinned him on the floor and muzzled him.

As if he was a wild, crazy animal. They had seen his eagerness and mocked it. All because of how he looked like.

In this world, it didn't matter how much you tried; everyone judged books by its covers!

Nick was disillusioned, and even if inside his heart, he was still hoping for approval, aching to follow his dreams, he knew better now.

He was still a kid, yes, but he had learned a big lesson, and he was smart enough not to forget it.

He arrived home that night and threw away his uniform. His mother asked what happened, but he shut down even around her.

Nick refused to answer and just told her he wasn't into the silly idea any longer! He was a fox, and it was stupid for him to try and play the nice card.

He'll show them all! He'd use his cunningness to outsmart them all! No one would again catch Nick Wilde by surprise!

No one would get close enough to hurt him, he promised himself, at the tender age of 9. And as an adult, he kept his promise to himself. He'd never trust again... or so he thought.

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