Training a new generation of Power Rangers The mentor
Training a new generation of Power Rangers

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Tommy takes on the role of assembling a new generation of Power Rangers, knowing it will be his responsibility to mentor and guide them.

Training a new generation of Power Rangers The mentor

It had been years since he last used his suit.

They had all moved on years back, but someone had to carry on their legacy, and Tommy was determined to be the one to create a new generation of protectors to keep Earth safe.

Tommy had been one of the original Power Rangers, and he felt it was the right time to bring the team back, even if he would no longer fight by their side,

instead assuming the role of mentor and leader, just like Zordon had all those years back.

Zordon had been destroyed after a particularly vicious attack by Rita and Lord Zedd's armies, and though he had mourned at first, now Tommy decided it was time to take on the mantle.

He was determined to honor Zordon's legacy.

It was his time to look for new, intrepid and brave teenagers who would wear the colors he and his friends had all those years back,

protect the world from the dangers which threatened destroy it. Tommy had searched long and hard, with the help of Kimberly.

They had married after dating for years, and though he missed the rest of his former team, he was happy to at least have her around, the love of his life.

He wondered if his own children would become Power Rangers when they came of age, but for now, they were kids and deserved a childhood free from such dangers.

Tommy's job as a sports instructor at the Angel Grove Youth Center gave him the perfect location to find students who fit the requirements: They needed to be brave, team-workers,

have good hearts and be determined to do what was right even when it was usually the hardest path to take.

He trained high school and college students in martial arts and other sports, taking note of their progress and their personalities, and finally, after months of careful analysis,

decided on 5 teenagers who could help him bring his former team back to life, with new members and a youthful approach that fitted this brave new world.

It was as he was staring at the files spread across the living room table that Kimberly arrived along with their two children, Zordon and Charity,

and he turned to give the two of them a big hug, as they cried out for their daddy with gleeful squeals.

"Oh, so you have finally made up your mind?" Kim asked, leaning in to kiss Tommy, who wrapped his arms around her warmly and kissed her back.

The children rushed outside to play in the backyard, and Kimberly stared down at the table with an analytical expression, nodding in approval.

"So these are your 6 candidates?" Tommy nodded, "You've done a good job, Tom. I think they show great potential."

"Will you help me guide them? Teach them?"

Kimberly smiled brightly and nodded, wrapping her arms once more around her husband, and resting her head on his chest.

"We do need someone to save the world now that we're retired, don't we? Of course, I'll help!"

"A new generation of Power Rangers is on the making. Bad guys better beware" Tommy chuckled lightly, feeling he was ready to lead this new group to greatness.

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