The footsteps
The footsteps creepy stories

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In the dead of night, a young woman begins to hear footsteps following her, even though there is no one around.

The footsteps

She didn't expect to be out on the street at this time of night.

It had gotten late, and waiting for the bus to arrive during that witching hour would only make her hang out all alone in the dead of night for far longer than she wanted to.

So Sasha had instead decided to walk. It was only 20 blocks or so anyways. What harm could it do?

The streets were curiously deserted, not that she was expecting too many folks to be strolling around at this time of night.

But shouldn't she cross paths with at least the odd person every once and again?

She was halfway there when she heard it: Footsteps right behind her. Sasha turned around in surprise, as she hadn't heard anything but the quietness of night till that very moment...

Yet there was no one there.

Sasha stopped and looked around for a few seconds, frowning as the sound was no longer noticeable.

She considered maybe she was just imagining things, as she was slightly scared, to begin with.

So, not without some hesitation, she kept moving forward.

A few seconds slipped by, but soon enough the sounds of footsteps moving just behind her returned. Once again, no one was there when she turned around.

Now truly freaked out, Sasha began running forward, toward her home, just 8 blocks away... but behind her, the footsteps began rushing as well.

Looking back, no one was there, but she could feel it:

Someone was running toward her, and her heart began beating so fast in her chest she was certain it would explode any second then.

Though she feared someone would grab her before she reached her house, nothing happened. Nothing other than the sounds of someone moving right behind her.

When she grabbed her keys and got ready to open her door, she was certain at least she'd be safe at last. In her own home, away from the darkness of the street.

But just as she was about to place the keys in the lock, Sasha realized the noise no longer came from behind her: There was someone walking inside her apartment.

Even though she could not actually see it, she could sense, without the hint of a doubt, that whoever

-or rather, whatever- had been following her home was now staring at her through the peepinghole.

Her home was suddenly no longer the safe place she had hoped to reach.

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