The dance
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A young man tries to gather the courage to ask his crush to dance.

The dance

She looked so pretty... but then again she always did.

Wendy's hair was the color of apples in the summertime when they were ripe and ready to pick.

I had first noticed she was more than my friend, more than the young girl I had known since 1st grade, one lazy autumn morning as she walked into class.

She was tardy, as always, and as she rushed to her seat, I couldn't help but wonder what had changed.

Why did her smile made me blush all of a sudden? Why did those blue gaze suddenly didn't merely look like eyes any longer, but began reminding me of the sea?

I had fallen in love with my best friend without even realizing it, and that day, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was not ready to risk our friendship!

What if it didn't work out and then things got awkward? We had been friends for most of our lives, and I was going to risk it for a kiss?

But the feelings wouldn't go away and as the year slipped by, I fell further and further for her.

I caught myself staring at her cheeky grin and trying to find new ways to make her smile.

I loved to see Wendy happy.

For months I hid my love for her. Pretended nothing had changed.

That night, as I saw her walk into the dance with her yellow dress, I felt like a sunflower, following the sun wherever it went.

I took a long breath and walked up to her. She smiled. Wendy always smiled when she saw me. That time, I didn't smile back: I was simply too nervous.

"Hi! You look nice tonight" She greeted me warmly, and I felt my heart about to explode in my chest

"Hi" I kissed her cheek and felt tingles rushing all over my body. Her hair smelled like apples tonight. "You look beautiful"

Did she blush? Maybe I imagined it.

"Thanks. You look very handsome too"

Wendy looked around. She was waiting for a certain guy to ask her to dance, I knew it. Would she be disappointed when I was the one to do so instead?


"Yes?" She asked, turning back to face me. Wendy stared at me with the sea in her eyes and I almost lost my nerve.

"Will you dance with me?"

She blushed that time. It wasn't my imagination, it couldn't have been.

"Dance with you?"

I gulped. She looked startled.

"Yes," I forced myself not to back down now. "I think you are the prettiest girl here, and I--- Well, I'd love to dance with you"

The smile returned, and I almost melted right there, in front of her.

"I thought you'd never ask"

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