Ten years slip through my fingers
Ten years slip through my fingers romance stories

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Ten years slip through my fingers as I pack the memories away. You've left and I'm left to deal with the broken pieces of our relationship.

Ten years slip through my fingers

The box is all that remains of our relationship. Ten years packed up and ready to take a trip down a memory lane we have driven by too many times.

Happy memories we must now let go of.

One by one I pack away the smiles, I recycle the kisses, I take off the tender memories I wrapped myself with to keep myself warm in the winter of your absence.

Every second seems to last an eternity, and it's only when all is packed that I realize just how little space ten years occupy. All our love vanished into thin air as if it was never truly there.

I tape the top shut, too worried I'll be tempted to peek into it. It's hard enough letting go without constant reminders of all those moments when you were mine.

When I laughed in your arms.

The bell rings. It's you, I know it before I even open the door.

You stand at the doorstep of what used to be your home, and now it feels like you are a stranger. We barely look each other in the eyes.

How can we, when there is nothing left behind but shattered love and endless arguments?

I hand you the box, and your fingers brush against my hand. It feels like the first time you held it, but I know it'll be the last.

The door closes behind you before I realize ten years have left by your side, and the house suddenly feels so empty.

There's nothing but me and the future in it now.

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