Tempted by the dark side
Tempted by the dark side star wars rebels stories

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Ezra is tempted by the dark side as Darth Maul keeps trying to make him his apprentice.

Tempted by the dark side

"I will never join you!" Ezra screamed, his mind being wrapped by the insidious promises the dark force offered him in his dreams.

Ever since he met Darth Maul, he had been plagued by dreams -or rather, nightmares- which he knew was being influenced by the Sith himself.

"Don't resist it, my apprentice" Ezra could hear Darth Maul's voice traveling with the wind, far away from where he stood.

"You are strong in the force; you must leave the Jedi's teaching behind and join me."

"Never!" Ezra yelled and covered his ears, but in the dream, it did him no good: Darth Maul's voice still reached him.

"You will be free if you join the dark side. You will be powerful." "I am a Jedi padawan; I am loyal to my friends!"

"You are just like me, my apprentice, and one day you'll see it. Join us"

"I am nothing like you!"

Ezra sat up on his bed, startled and covered in sweat. He had managed wake up from that horrible dream, trembling and weakened.

Slowly, he stood up and paced the room, trying to control his feelings.

He would never join the dark side. Never, he promised himself.

Ezra stared at the only remaining picture he still kept from his parents, and smiled softly, feeling the fear and anger slowly drip away from his heart as he remembered what he was fighting for.

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