So, is she your girlfriend yet?
So, is she your girlfriend yet? percy jackson stories

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Percy and Grover discuss Percy's feelings for Annabeth.

So, is she your girlfriend yet?

Percy couldn't believe his friend was still asking that question, after all this time.

"You need to let that subject go" He told Grover, wanting to drop the issue once and for all.

"So you and Annabeth aren't dating yet, then"

Percy groaned lightly and shook his head, glaring at the satyr with both amusement and annoyment.

"No, I'm not dating her yet, alright?"

"And why is that?"

"Becuase I can't find the courage to ask her out, alright? Is that what you want to hear? Every time I think about telling her how I feel, I get anxious and back down. I can't do it"

Grover chuckled and shrugged, sitting by his best friend's side.

"Well, at least you're finally admitting it!" Grover joked, and patted Percy on the shoulder "I'm sure she'll say yes if you ask her out, you know?"

Percy blushed at this and looked up at the satyr with surprise.

"How do you know that?"

"Well, do you think you're the only person I've been annoying all this time?" He asked, and winked at Percy. "I think Annabeth might be more into you then you believe, buddy"

Percy smiled sheepishly, giving his friend a grateful look. Perhaps he should finally ask her out, after all.

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