She's the right woman for you
She's the right woman for you pride and prejudice stories

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Georgiana is convinced Elizabeth is the right match for her dear brother after her visit to Pemberley.

She's the right woman for you

"Oh, I absolutely love her, Fitz!" Georgiana squealed the very moment lovely Elizabeth Bennet left Pemberley State.

She held her brother's hands tenderly and opened her eyes wide with delight "I will be ever so happy to call her sister!"

"Georgiana, don't get ahead of yourself" Mr. Darcy protested, giving his sister an admonishing look.

"Ahead of myself? She's smart, she's outspoken and sweet and friendly! And she's beautiful, Fitz, with that lovely dark hair. Your children will be so handsome! I can't wait to be an aunt!"

"Georgiana, for crying out loud, Miss Bennet has no interest in marrying the likes of me"

"The likes of you?" Georgiana asked, confused "You are an incredibly eligible bachelor, why would any woman not wish to marry you?"

"I am certain you still haven't made your interest clear, with how quiet you are. She must not understand you are courting her"

Fitzwilliam felt a sharp pain in his stomach and shook his head silently.

After all, he had indeed shown his interest openly, in fact going as far as proposing to the young woman who had stolen his heart away many months ago.

He could not bear to tell his sister any of this.

"Perhaps you are right, dearest sister. But I am afraid Miss Bennet might be the one woman in England not interested in my income or state"

Georgiana smiled even sweeter than and seemed encouraged by this statement.

"That proves she's even more so the right woman for you!" She replied instead of letting go of the subject. "I just know I'll call her sister one day"

Mr. Darcy nodded silently, unable to continue this conversation without experiencing heartbreak all over again. If only, he thought to himself, that could ever become a reality.

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