She's gone
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Castiel can't process Meg's death, and Dean is there to support him.

She's gone

Castiel and Dean sat together at the Winchester's apartment, drinking a beer. It had been a few days since Crowley had murdered Meg.

She had died trying to buy them more time to retrieve the tablet.

He had not been taking it too well, Dean knew, and so he was trying to be there for his friend, even if said friend was an angel who wasn't supposed to feel emotions the same way humans did.

Thus, it was hard trying to comfort him.

"She's gone, Dean... I can't believe it" Castiel muttered into his drink. He had been staring at the distance for hours now, and Dean didn't quite know how to react to it.

"She was... special to me" Castiel continued talking, not quite knowing how to deal with his own feelings either. "I miss her, I've never missed someone before"

"I'm sorry for your loss, Cas" Dean replied, patting Castiel's shoulder.

"All of that thorny pain... she was so beautiful"

"Well... look on the bright side. In this world we are living on, creatures tend to be resurrected more often than not"

"I suppose it could happen..." Cas replied though he didn't seem too confident it would. "I think I loved her, Dean. I shouldn't be able to fall in love you know..."

Dean nodded silently, keeping a supportive hand on the angel's shoulder, letting him get it off his chest. It was the least he could do.

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