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A young girl returns to her parent's house after going missing over 20 years back. Her parents should be happy... but they are instead horrified. Why?

She's alive

She was back.

The entire town was in awe. Melissa disappeared 20 years ago when she was just a 4-year-old child.

She was all grown up the day she returned, a beautiful if quiet young woman.

Two decades ago, her parents had rushed to the local police in a mad panic, telling a horrible story about a man kidnapping their little girl and running away with her.

They had searched for Melissa for years, people organized vigils and volunteered to help in the daily search parties, but she never showed up.

As the months turned into years, people slowly began to lose hope, but their parents still were heartbroken.

No one blamed them, how could they accept their little girl would never return to them?

But now Melissa was finally back. She had shown up at the police station and her identity had promptly been confirmed thanks to her fingerprints.

The news traveled through town like wildfire.

There were folks gathered around the police station to welcome her back before her parents took her home.

No one understood, though, why Jim and Lucy looked so pale.

Perhaps they were just in shock to finally have Melissa back? Surely they were incredibly gleeful about seeing their little girl again!

Lucy and Jim, however, were not happy. They didn't smile as they entered their home, followed by Melisa.

How could they, when they had buried her 20 years ago, right after the accident?

Jim got violent when he was drunk, he truly hadn't mean to hit his little girl in the head, not that hard.

When they had made the story about the kidnapper up in order to avoid jail time?

How could their daughter be there now, when they knew exactly where her body was hidden, bellow a new layer of cement they had covered the hole in the basement with?

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