She still texts
She still texts sherlock stories

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Irene Adler still texts. John teases Sherlock about this fact.

She still texts

Sherlock and John were enjoying one of those rare quiet evenings, sitting in their living room at Baker Street.

John as reading one of his many medical textbooks and Sherlock was lost in thought, staring silently at the fireplace.

It was then that the unmistakable sound an incoming text message filled the room. And not just any ringtone, but The Woman's ringtone!

John stared at Sherlock from over the rim of his book, giving him a quizzical look.

"I told you, she still texts" Sherlock explained, grabbing his cellphone and fiddling with it quietly.

"I see. She also texted this morning. And yesterday, if I'm not mistaken"

"Indeed she did"

"And you are answering"

"I am checking my other texts"

"Sure you are" John chuckled lightly, and taking a sip from his cup of tea.

Sherlock raised his brow sharply, lowering his cellphone.

"What are you implying?"

"That you keep in touch with that woman" John replied, clearly amused, lowering his book and resting it on his lap.

"I certainly do nothing of the sort"

"I believe you do"

"Suit yourself, then" Sherlock mumbled, staring back at his cellphone, as the ringtone betrayed his denial.

"Isn't that she replying to your reply?" John teased, but this time Sherlock didn't look up, instead staring at the phone's screen.

"Shut up already, will you?"

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