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Widowmaker was once a loving wife, and deep down, she still might be. Was her brainwashing as much of a success as her handlers believed it to be?

She remembers

Everyone believed there was nothing left of her former life inside her. That Amelie was long gone, forever disappearing after the intense, horrid brainwashing she had endured.

Everyone believed that Widowmaker was all that remained now, that she was nothing but a cruel being with no memories and no interest in anything other than killing.

Did she get a thrill every time she murdered someone? Yes, yes she did. Did she feel any guilt when doing so? For the most time, no.

She was a perfect killing machine in the body of a gorgeous woman.

The thing was... Amelie was still there. Buried under so many layers of mind manipulation, barely hanging on to her sanity, but she was still there.

And the only moment she could feel like herself again was when she visited her darling Gerard, the love of her life. The man she was forced to murder.

Amelie missed him dearly, sitting by his grave was the only relief she ever experienced. She caressed his tombstone tenderly and sobbed silently.

"I love you, mon cher" She muttered, muffling a quiet sob "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"

No one could see her in such a state. It was dangerous to display weakness. And yet, she never felt more alive than when she was able to experience anything other than her sadistic tendencies.

The moments when she was the most vulnerable.

"I wish you were here, my love" She whispered, unable to stand up, unable to step away from his beloved husband, even if he had been dead for years. Even if she was the one who took his life.

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