She lied to me!
She lied to me! supergirl stories

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Lena Luthor's POV after she discovers the secret Kara has been keeping from her.

She lied to me!

She lied to me!

After everything, we have been through! After everything she knows I've suffered, I've endured, she still lied to me!

Kara saw me get betrayed, been lied to, time and time again. My father, my friends, my coworkers. People have used me my entire life.

It's so unfair, so wrong!

I have trusted her so completely and would have helped her out in keeping her identity a secret, I would have done anything for both Kara and Supergirl, and yet here I am,

once again the fooled idiot, enduring another lie!

Of course, she could never trust a Luthor. She told me she'd always been there for me, that no matter what happened, my blood wasn't as important as who I was, but it was all bullshit.

She's never been able to trust me at all, keeping lies at every single turn she took.

I will have my revenge. I will show her what happens when people lie to Lena Luthor. If she won't have my friendship, my support, then she'll see what it feels like to have me as her enemy.

She'll see in due time... but vengeance is a dish better served cold.

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