She has it in for me
She has it in for me skyrim stories

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Nirya wants everyone to know just how horrible Faralda is!

She has it in for me

"She is always speaking ill about me!" Nirya hissed at the Dragonborn, pursing her lips in utter and complete anger. "You mustn't hear a thing she says!"

She offered the same warning to every single person who entered the College of Winterhold.

No matter if it was merely a visitor or a new student, she made sure they all knew they were not to listen to a single word that horrible Faralda said.

Faralda was pure evil, Nirya knew it all too well, even if everyone else ignored this fact.

She had threatened her, and if only Nirya had proof, she could have Faralda kicked out and she'd finally have peace.

Just because there was no evidence did not mean it was not true, however, if only that idiotic Arch-mage understood reason!

She was forced, thus, to endure her presence in the College day in and day out, but she knew, in the end, she'd be the one who laughed last.

She'd get to unmask Faralda and put everyone in the College against her.

Then she'd be truly happy, finally able to never use her name again, finally able to leave her life in peace, without the constant threats Faralda uttered to unnerve her.

Nirya knew it was nothing but jealousy. In the end, she'd prevail!

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