She dumped me?!
She dumped me?! borderlands stories

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Handsome Jack's musing after Moxxie dumps him.

She dumped me?!


I'm handsome Jack! No one dumps handsome Jack!

Moxxi was crazy about me, how could he just walk out on me that way?

I'm the coolest man on this side of the galaxy and I own this entire planet! I am more of a man that she'll ever be able to handle. That had to be it, I was just too much for her to handle.

I have to admit I went a bit overboard after Moxxi left me... I should not have destroyed that whole Underdome, but what is a man supposed to do when he's heartbroken?

Moxxi was everything to me! She could have even be a mother to a healthy baby, not a Siren like my first child. Not dangerous like Angel. A good son or daughter.

Mad like their mother, sure, but at least not... dangerous.

I would have made a great husband! She's missing out, walking out on a great deal like me. She'll come crawling back soon enough, I know it!

I've tried to contact her a hundred times and yet all my calls are blocked. She will answer eventually, she's just confused.

No one abandons handsome Jack! She couldn't have really meant it when she dumped me. Moxxi will come back to me eventually, I know it. Begging for me to take her back. And when she does...

I'll be the one to dump her then!

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